Ron Paul makes economical sense

January 23, 2008 at 1:50 pm Leave a comment

This isn’t a political blog, but this morning, Ron Paul made an appearance on Glenn Beck’s radio program which I listen to regularly. Beck brought Paul on his show to discuss the current issues in the U.S. economy and how Ben Bernanke and legislators are making the problem worse.

Here’s a brief excerpt of the conversation:

GLENN: I thought I would get Ron Paul on the phone and find out where he stands on the economy, what the problems are with the economy, what he thinks is coming in our future and how he would correct it if he was President of the United States, and he’s on with us now, hello, Ron Paul.

PAUL: Hello, nice to be with you.

GLENN: Nice to be with you, sir. First of all, tell me what’s happening with the economy.

PAUL: Well, it’s making the correction that was inevitable due to the malinvestment and the unbelievable debt accumulated due to a federal reserve policy. Once they create credit out of thin air, they cause business people, savers to do the wrong thing and you always have to have a correction. So dealing with the recession is very difficult because the cars with a few years ago and we have to work our way out of this, which means there has to be a correction.

Click here for the rest of discussion.


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