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A year later and still some adjusting

It’s been about a year since I last posted on MoneyTalk, and a crazy one at that. It’s been a year of transition in our household to say the least. I’m no longer a part of the daily grind, but a 24/7 employee of the house and kids. Yes, I’m a stay-at-home-mom and quite proud of that fact. Although, my career choice has given me the wonderful opportunity to work from home, which I am doing for supplemental income.

Although there’s still some adjusting with the new schedules and such, it’s been something that we’ve all been looking forward to. Even during these times when life’s been hard for so many, we’ve been fortunate enough to not be affected by it directly. And that’s due to the fact that we’ve set ourselves up well, financially.


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Tornado ripped through my alma mater

Today’s post is a bit off topic as it’s difficult for me to concentrate on money issues. If you’ve paid any attention to the weather reports in the southern region of the country, you know that tornadoes ripped through Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi last night. The one that caught my interest of course was the twister that made its way through the dorms at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. (more…)

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Ron Paul makes economical sense

This isn’t a political blog, but this morning, Ron Paul made an appearance on Glenn Beck’s radio program which I listen to regularly. Beck brought Paul on his show to discuss the current issues in the U.S. economy and how Ben Bernanke and legislators are making the problem worse. (more…)

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The MoneyTalk family will be going through some changes

In more ways than one, the MoneyTalk Blog will be undergoing major changes over the next year. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this blog and even more the topic of personal finance. (more…)

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Christmas is upon us

Christmas is only a day away and I’m enjoying a long awaited vacation. We are here at the west coast visiting the folks and family. I have been looking forward to this trip more than anything because I need a break. The last few months have been as hectic as can be, so the 9 days of being away will be a nice change.

We’ll be back on the 31st and I’ll be ready to post yet again. Until then, Merry Christmas to you all. And, for those that don’t celebrate Christmas, have a great holiday.

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How’s it going?

My boss has his morning routine that cracks me up. He’ll go around to each person in our department and, as if following lines on a script, uses 2 phrases: how’t it going? and what are you working on? In that order. We joke about it now, but he says, why change it up each day? (more…)

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Stealing content…never thought it’d happen to me

I was checking my blog stats just a minute and lo’ and behold, I came across a blog that copied yesterday’s post, word-for-word. It’s both funny and irritating all at once. What are people thinking? You can find my original post here. The copycat is over at Young Black Professionals Guide. They even kept the title of the post. I wouldn’t mind it, but the fact that they didn’t even credit me is just shameful. And I’m no Earnerst Hemingway..

June 12, 2007 at 3:34 pm 6 comments

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