When life throws you a curve ball

March 17, 2008 at 12:04 pm Leave a comment

My husband went to his ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) doctor because he’s been having some sinus problems. For most folks, dealing with his sinus issues, the solution is sinus surgery. There are other non-invasive procedures, but, for the most part, some type of sinus surgery is recommended. The ENT didn’t want to put my husband under because he’s a special case. By special, and to give you guys some background, my husband had a kidney transplant almost 10 years ago. Health issues have always been a concern for us and have been one of the main reasons we needed to enlist the help of Dave Ramsey. Before I get too side-tracked, the ENT doesn’t want to do the surgery but recommended a couple things for my husband to do to help.

The first couple of recommendations we could definitely handle, mainly some treatment options to help him breath better. But the final recommendation is going to be tough. Basically, he told us to get rid of the carpet in the entire house. Not only do we have pets but we live in an area with high allergens, and carpet doesn’t help the situation.

Of course, we’ve put a hold on Baby Step #2 (debt snowball) for the baby, so this complicates matters because we don’t have the money to simply spring for laminate flooring much less hardwood floor. Our house is 1,800 square feet so this isn’t going to be cheap. Good thing is that we have laminate and tile in portions of the house, so we won’t have to do the entire square footage. But, it’s still a problem.

For now, our quick fix solution is to simply have the carpet thoroughly cleaned and start saving to put new flooring in our house. Crazy thing is that I’ve been wanting laminate wood floors for a while, but my husband has been reluctant. I’m not happy with how it’s presented itself, but it’s something we’re gonna have to do now.


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