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My boss has his morning routine that cracks me up. He’ll go around to each person in our department and, as if following lines on a script, uses 2 phrases: how’t it going? and what are you working on? In that order. We joke about it now, but he says, why change it up each day?

Things get kind of crazy here in cubicle land, and it’s nice every once in a while to know what to expect. Besides the boss’ good morning routine, you can almost always expect to deal with non-technically savvy folks. No biggie for me. It’s just part of the job.

This week has been a little off though. The boss has been out sick with pneumonia. Things are quiet and a bit boring. But, I do enjoy these days because there’s always the calm before the storm. It’s always that way here.

I haven’t posted here lately, and that hasn’t been so much a work thing, but a life thing. With work being somewhat slow, I still can’t keep my mind on the financial stuff. So much is going on outside these walls that it’s difficult to focus on one thing. I call it my ADD week.

My best friend’s sister is having some back problems and has been taking care of her. It’s usually not a problem but she’s got an important week of meetings (she just started this job) and has to care for her sister’s 3 boys – 8,5,1 years old. Not an easy task. So, we’ve been helping as much as we can.

My husband has been having a rough time at work. When that happens he pulls into his introverted shell and is a bit difficult to deal with. I think it’s important for him to process his emotions, even it doesn’t include me. So, I leave him be for the most part.

My softball season is winding down, but it will end with a bang. I’ve got 2 tournaments left. The last one will be in Portland, OR, so I’m preparing for that. I’m saving my blow money for that trip.

The Fall semester of Financial Peace University is starting in September and there’s still a lot to do. I’m in charge of producing the marketing materials and those need to be ready in a week. On top of that, we’re working on our own orientation video to help promote the class.

On top of all of this, we’re trying to get pregnant. You know, I didn’t realize how crazy things really are right now, until just now. Hmm, no wonder I’m so tired. Anyway, we’ve only been trying for a couple of months so time will tell. I’ve been feeling a bit off physically. Enough so that it’s prompted some early testing, but no dice. I’ve had to schedule a doctor apppointment to figure out what’s going on. I’ll know next week, hopefully.

Well, this post really didn’t have much to do with money, but I needed to get some stuff out. Not exactly a vent or rant, just airing some steam, and it’s helped.


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