iTunes spat

July 12, 2007 at 8:26 am Leave a comment

I heard a song the other the day that I really liked and thought to myself, “hey, you’ve got some money left from that iTunes gift card, you should buy it.” So, I decided to get it when I got home.

First things first, of course, I checked my email to make sure I didn’t miss anything important. Well, I noticed an iTunes receipt as the emails came in and checked it out. Looks like hubby bought a few songs the other day. No biggie.

I opened up iTunes and searched for the song. After finding the right song, I clicked on the “buy” button. But something unusual happened. I was taken to a screen to select a form of payment. “What?” I thought to myself.

I got up and asked hubby how much he had spent when he bought music the other day. “Pretty much all of it,” he replied. “You’re kidding me,” I retorted. I was a little irritated that not only did he spend all the money that was left, but that he didn’t even ask how the money got there in the first place. And, to make things worse, he bought songs I didn’t even like all that much.

You see, I’m pretty picky about the money I spend on music. The song has to be really good before I’ll open up my pocket book. Not so for hubby. If he even likes it just a little bit, he’ll buy it. And with my iTunes gift card no less.

I laughed on the way to work this morning. He became irritated because I was. “Just by another card or use Paypal,” was his solution. Sure, let me go do that. I laughed this morning because I remembered a moment several months ago where he purchased a Twix candy bar. It sat on the kitchen counter for days, so I decided to eat it. He obviously wasn’t going to. Of course, one bite shy of finishing it off, he exclaimed, “I was going to eat that!” Really? “You should’ve asked first,” he continued. Yea, you should’ve asked.

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