Call us whackos, but we have a plan

June 13, 2007 at 4:40 pm Leave a comment

The few friends that I’ve mentioned these stories to think my husband and I are just plain whacko. Why do they think that? Because it’s only June and we have half of our Christmas gifts (for family) purchased. Yes, I know. But we can’t help the fact that we’ve found great stuff at even better prices. And, the best part, we have the money to start buying gifts now.

My husband and I do our budget each month. And, each month we allot a certain amount of money for Christmas gifts. We decided how much we were going to spend on gifts and divided that by twelve (number of months in the year). We started this in January and it helped remove the stress of holiday shopping last year, that it’s something we’re going to continue.

The most exciting part for me of course, is being in places at just the right time and having the money to take action. It actually started with my husband. He had to make a quick trip to Kansas City for work, and decided to stop at an outlet mall on the way home. He found so many great deals, that he called me up to let me know. He came home with bags full of stuff from Gap, Reebok, and Eddie Bauer. It’s was awesome!

Then, just a couple of weeks ago, a co-worker and I had to go to South Carolina on business. She happened to lose her luggage and needed to buy clothes for the 2 days we were going to be there. We headed over to the local mall, and she started shopping. If you know me, the mall is the last place I’d go to for anything. I hate shopping.

Anyway, I followed her into New York & Co., which I simply find too pricey for my taste. But, hey, I wasn’t shopping, she was. Or so I thought. We walked back to the clearance racks and took a look around. After seeing the price tags, I grabbed a few things and ran quickly to the register. When it was all said and done, I purchased 2 nice sweatshirts for my little sister and a pair of nice slacks (for me) for just $25. Each item was just under $8. The girl at the register smiled and told me that, at regular price, I would’ve paid $80 on top of what I just paid. Not bad, not bad at all.

Oh, we returned to our hotel room that night and the luggage was waiting for her at the front desk. Ironic?


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