What a day…month actually..

February 7, 2007 at 10:01 pm Leave a comment

So, it’s been a while since we’ve had something new here on MoneyTalk. That’s okay. We hope to be back and posting regularly within the next week.

Work has been extremely crazy! We’ve got a major project in the works, or, reworks, and yours truly is the only one qualified to complete it. So, for the past 4 weeks, these eyes have seen plenty of HTML and CSS to last a lifetime. No complaints here, it keeps the work day going and definitely eventful.

In the midst of all this, today was Ms. MoneyTalk’s turn at taking the little one to daycare. No problem there, except Mr. Moneytalk had to run to work early leaving the doggie’s to me. Yay.

Good ole’ mutts decided that this morning they’d have an adventure and make the long treck to the neighbor’s front yard. As I made my meager attempt to exit our screened-in porch, my jacket caught the screen door handle ripping the button right out. Not being able to find the little black button, I venture to retrieve the mongrels all the while trying to keep my footing on the slick ice that has yet to melt in our yard. Eventually, the two make it back and we’re off to the truck and to daycare.

Little MoneyTalk digs her french toast sticks in the morning so she’s got warm ones in her hands as well as her little dipping cup full of maple syrup. On the drive she decides she can’t eat them with her mittens on, so I lean over to take them off. As I pull a napkin from her little fingers the cup slips out and pours out onto the dash. We’re now nearing the end of the work day and the highlight of the evening will include the cleaning up of this sticky mess that has festered in the truck for 8 hours now.

As if the humor gods hadn’t had enough, I was dealt with yet another blow of irony. Or, is it irony? I don’t know. There was a dental appointment on the schedule today. That’s right. Everything went well, just a cleaning, and then I piped up and spoke those little words that bring regret with every word I type. “There’s some sensitivity in this tooth..” After an x-ray and some cautious wording, it is deduced that I am in need of a root canal. Root canal! Never had one, never wanted one, now, I have no choice.

So, there it is. The day that brings laughs as well as pity from Mr. MoneyTalk. At the end of the day, all that remains is laughter. What a day!


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