January 1st is fast approaching

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As the new year approaches, thoughts of exercise and diet come to mind. You know, the good ole New Year’s Resolution. Accompanied by this particular one, is the gym membership. We haven’t had one for the last 2 years. It’s just not in the budget. But, for those of you who are considering joining a local gym, here are some things you might want to know that gyms aren’t telling you.

  1. Most resolution makers stop going to the gym in the first 90 days. Not surprisingly, gyms make a killing in January.
  2. Be careful what you touch. Gyms are crawling with bacteria so make sure you take the necesary precautions.
  3. Most gyms aren’t fully prepared for health emergencies. Find out if the gym you are considering has the proper equipment to handle such situations. CPR can only buy time, but without proper CPR and defibrilation, revival drops 10% each minute.
  4. Not all trainers know what they’re doing. Check credentials and references.
  5. You might have trouble cancelling your membership. Follow contract terms to the letter and provide proof of a move or doctor’s note.
  6. Read the fine print. Don’t rely on what the sales person told you and don’t let them pressure you into signing.
  7. Some equipment can be dangerous. Gyms are not forced to follow standards or regulations to operate. You can ask to see maintenance and cleaning logs.
  8. Negotiate everything. If you are already a member, keep track of special promotions so you can ask come time to renew.
  9. Keep track of your wallet and valuables. Gyms are not responsible for your belongings, especially if they are stolen. Use a padlock if you store items in a locker.
  10. Watch your back, the gym won’t. That little liability waiver you sign may prevent you from suing for injuries sustained while at the gym.

Source: Smartmoney.com “10 Things Your Fitness Club Won’t Tell You”


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