We are officially owners of a brand spanking new Wii!

November 24, 2006 at 6:32 pm Leave a comment

In early November I posted about my intentions to buy a Wii for my husband. On Nov. 19th, they were out of them pretty early so I wasn’t able to get one. I had to go home with a $400 wad only to try again some time.

In honor of Black Friday and the fact that we knew stores would have some in stock, we arose way before the crack of dawn to get a decent place in the line of the many like-minded folkd. I say “we” because I told my husband of my intentions and felt that our best chances of getting one would be to work as a team.

After driving around, just before midnight, we figured our best shot would be to line up at the EB Games in our local mall. This of course after seeing the hundreds of people already lined up at Best Buy and several dozens at Circuit City. We weren’t even gonna try Wally World.

So, at about 3:40 a.m. we jumped in the car (we went home for a bit of shut eye) and headed over to the mall. We parked at the nearest entrance to our target and walked over to a group of guys consisting of a security guard, mall employee, and two men who wanted Wii’s. Yay, we made it. We were 3rd in line for what we heard would only be 5 consoles.

The four of us, a few minutes later, made our way to EB Games and waited in line once again. An hour later, a couple of ladies joined us. Twenty minutes later, another, and then another. After another hour, we had a good line of about 20 people. Of course, we warned them that there would only be 5 units today, but they stayed. Oh well.

At 6:00 a.m. the doors opened, just like every other store in North America, and we formed yet another line at the register. “Can I help you?” The two guys asked. “I want a Wii and…” was the response for the next five people, and sure enough, that was it.

We walked to our car, through a packed parking lot and made our way home and to bed. We accomplished what we set out to do and I am relieved. What a morning!

We did have a lady offer to buy a console from us, but we declined. If we had wanted to sell one, we would’ve bought 2.


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